Aftermarket Komatsu Turbine Wheel KTR130

Turbine Wheel replacement for Komatsu KTR130 

  • Brand: SYUAN
  • Turbo Part No.: 6502-12-9005 6505-61-5030, 6505-61-5051 6505-63-5030
  • Parameter: 98.2mm*130.2mm 13 blades
  • Model: KTR130
  • Engine: D155
  • Condition: NEW
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    Product description

    As the source of motivation, turbine wheel plays a key role in turbocharger. A high quality turbine wheel could maintain a longer product life of turbocharger. Moreover higher quality turbine wheel could provide more powerful energy to the vehicle. In terms of the material of the turbine wheel, K418 and K213 are widely used in our industry. Here are the parameters for the two materials. 

    K418 alloy Ingredient:  around  74% nickel, iron<1%. Suitable condition: 850℃ turbine wheel, 900℃ guide vane
    K213 alloy Ingredient:  around 34%-38% nickel, about 40% iron Suitable condition: less 750℃-800℃ turbine wheel

    Since our company insists on producing high quality products to our customers. K418 alloy is our preferred material to produce turbine wheel although the cost is much higher than K213 alloy material. Not only material but also craft is taken seriously in our company. As the advanced professional equipment shown in home page, which could guarantee our products of higher technological level. Additionally, our quality inspection department keep their duties and never let any defective products leave the factory. 

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    We produce Turbocharger, Cartridge and turbocharger parts, especially for trucks and other heavy duty applications.

     Each Turbocharger is built to strict OEM specifications. Manufactured with 100% new components.

     Strong R&D team provide professional support to achieve performance-matched to your engine.

     Wide range of Aftermarket Turbochargers available for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins and so on, ready to ship.

     SYUAN package or customers' package authorized.

    ● Certification: ISO9001& IATF16949

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    Turbochargers and the turbo parts are available in our company. Please kindly provide the part No. of the turbocharger that the turbo parts used in, we would check for you whether we could provide the products. On the other hand, the size of the turbo parts and other parameter are fine if you are not sure the turbocharger part No. Becuase we will provide professional support to you for ensure the right turbo compoents. Furhermore, if you have need about turbo parts for Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu, Volvo and Perkins, please let us know, cause we specialized on turbochargers for truck and other heavy duty application.

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