Aftermarket Turbo Kit HX80M 3596959 Turbine Housing for Cummins Marine Turbo

  • Item: HX80M Turbine Housing replacement for Cummins Marine Turbo
  • Part Number: 3596959, 3534625, 3537685, 3537688, 3594141, 3594142, 3596960, 3767944, 3769996
  • OE Number: 2882021, 3804699, 4025301
  • Turbo Model: HX80, HX80M, HX80-3851Z/R36YA3
  • Engine: K19, K19-M640, K38, KTA19
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    The Turbocharger Turbine Housing is an important part of the turbocharger. The main function of the turbine housing is to collect the exhaust gases from the engine, and directs them through a volute (passage) into the turbine wheel and causing it to spin. As a result of this, the compressor wheel rotates by the shaft connected with the turbine wheel. The turbine housings are also referred to as the “hot side” of the turbo because of their continuous exposure to hot exhaust gas.

    Our Turbine housings' Casting Materials include:

    Ductile Iron (QT450-10): The continuous heat resistance is less than 650 degrees Celsius, but due to its mature casting process and relatively low casting cost, ductile iron has become the most commonly used cast iron material for the production of the turbine housing.

    Medium Silicon Molybdenum Ductile Iron: 0.3%-0.6% molybdenum is added to commonly used nodular cast iron,molybdenum increases the strength and hardness of the cast irons, Heat resistance is better than ordinary nodular ductile iron QT450.

    Medium silicon molybdenum nickel ductile iron: 0.6%-1% nickel is added to the medium silicon molybdenum ductile iron, which has better heat resistance than ordinary ductile iron QT450.

    High-Nickel Ductile Iron (D5S): 34% Nickel, heat-resistant ductile iron, Used to manufacture superchargers with high-temperature resistance requirements, and the continuous high-temperature resistance can reach 760 degrees Celsius or more.

    Part No. 3596959, 3534625, 3537685, 3537688, 3594141, 3594142, 3596960, 3767944, 3769996
    OE No. 2882021, 3804699, 4025301
    Turbo Model HX80, HX80M, HX80-3851Z/R36YA3
    Engine Model K19, K19-M640, K38, KTA19
    Application 2000-14 Cummins Marine K19-M640 & K38 series
    Turbine Housing (Water-Cooled)  3595977 (359597700, 3537682)
    Market Type After Market
    Product condition 100% Brand New

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    We produce Turbocharger, Cartridge and turbocharger parts, especially for trucks and other heavy duty applications.

     Each Turbocharger is built to strict OEM specifications. Manufactured with 100% new components.

     Strong R&D team provide professional support to achieve performance-matched to your engine.

     Wide range of Aftermarket Turbochargers available for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins and so on, ready to ship.

     SYUAN package or customers' package authorized.

    ● Certification: ISO9001& IATF16949

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  • Does compressor housing size matter?

    The size and radial shape of the turbine housing also contribute to the turbocharger’s performance characteristics. The size of the turbine housing is the inlet cross-sectional area divided by the Radius from the turbo centerline to the centroid of that area. This is marked as a number followed by A/R. … A higher A/R number will have a larger area for the gases to pass through the turbine wheel. A single turbocharger can be fitted into various turbine housing options depending on the turbo-output requirements. 

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