Audi K03 5303-970-0029 53039700029 aftermarket turbocharger


Item: Aftermarket Turbocharger For Audi
Part Number: 5303-970-0029, 53039700029
OE Number: 5303-970-0029, 5303-988-0029
Turbo Model: K03
Engine: C51 1.8T

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SHHOU YUAN is a high quality China turbocharger suppliers.

Our company has a very strict quality control system to make sure our products are of the very highest quality.

5303-970-0029 is a popular turbocharger replacement for audi K03-2072GAA, Volkswagen. In terms of the products, not only the turbocharges but also the turbocharger cartridge parts, even the small parts of the product, we could provide them.

Turbocharger could increase horsepower and torque at the same time maintain drivability and reliability, along with better fuel efficiency, which is quite friendly to environmental sustainability.

A wide variety of products are available in our company, thus any products you have need please feel free to contact us.We will provide the high quality products and best service, since we are a trusted turbo supply company.

SYUAN Part No. SY01-1023-17
Part No. 5303-970-0029, 53039700029
OE No. 5303-970-0029,5303-988-0029
Turbo Model K03
Engine Model C51 1.8T 
Product condition NEW

Why Choose Us?

 Each Turbocharger is built to high quality criteria. Manufactured with 100% new components.

 Strong R&D team provide professional support to achieve performance-matched to your engine.

 Wide range of Aftermarket Turbochargers available for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins, Volvo, Benz, etc, ready to ship.

 SHOU YUAN package or neutral packing.

● Certification: ISO9001& IATF16949


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  • How do I know if my turbo is blown?

    Some signals are reminding you:
    1.A notice that the vehicle is power loss.
    2.The acceleration of the vehicle seems slow and noisy.
    3.It is hard for the vehicle to maintain high speeds.
    4.Smoke coming from the exhaust.
    5.There is an engine fault light on the control panel.


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