The use of Generators and Starters

Over the last decades, the ongoing electrification of power systems has become an important research topic. The move towards more electric and all-electric power has been

motivated by the aim of reducing the fuel consumption by reducing the total weight and optimizing the management of electrical power on board, while increasing the reliability and safety. The integrated starter-generator is considered as one of the core technologies in many aspects. In this initiative, electrically configured to start the engine in starting mode and convert mechanical power from the engine in generator mode. In this way, they replace conventional hydraulic- and pneumatic systems.

Designing optimal component technologies and materials is not going to be the way to conceive better MEA systems because of the many conflicting objectives in the different parts of the system. A call for new design methodologies is advocated in this review. Tools for the optimal and global design of multi-physics systems will benefit the take-off of the MEA initiative by reducing the time of conception and the numbers of prototypes before the final product. These tools will need to include and couple electrical, magnetic and thermal design simulations to capture the accurate behavior of the various physical components and the system overall. The possible new paths and evolution of possibilities will emerge from this global approach in pace with the ongoing advancements in the different parts of the systems.


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