What does a turbocharger engine rely on to generate power?

One of the direct consequences of the obstruction of the flow path of the turbocharger supercharging system is that it will increase the resistance of the air flow in the system. When the diesel engine is running, the gas flow path of the supercharging system is: compressor inlet filter and muffler → compressor impeller → compressor diffuser → air cooler → scavenge box → diesel engine intake valve → exhaust valve → exhaust Pipe → exhaust gas turbine nozzle ring → exhaust gas turbine impeller → chimney. The circulation area of each component is fixed. If any link in the above flow path is clogged, such as dirt, carbon formation, deformation, etc., the compressor back pressure will increase due to increased flow resistance, and the flow rate will decrease, causing surge. Among the components that are easily dirty are the compressor inlet filter, compressor impeller and diffuser, air cooler, diesel engine intake valve and exhaust valve, exhaust gas turbine nozzle ring, and exhaust gas turbine impeller. Usually, the obstruction of the supercharger turbine airflow passage is the main cause of its surge.

The turbocharger engine cannot be shut down immediately after running at high speed for a long time. When the engine is working, part of the oil is supplied to the supercharger turbine rotor bearings for lubrication and cooling. After the running engine suddenly stops, the oil pressure drops rapidly to zero. The high temperature of the turbocharger turbine part is transmitted to the middle. The heat in the bearing support shell cannot be taken away quickly. At the same time, the supercharger rotor is still rotating at high speed under the action of inertia. , Therefore, if the engine is stopped suddenly when it is hot, it will cause the oil retained in the supercharger turbine to overheat and damage the bearings and shafts.

As we all know, a turbocharger engine generates power by burning fuel in the cylinder. Since the amount of input fuel is limited by the amount of air sucked into the cylinder, the power generated by the engine will also be limited. If the engine is running The performance is already at its best, and increasing the output power can only increase the amount of fuel by compressing more air into the cylinder, thereby improving the combustion performance. Therefore, under the current technical conditions, the supercharger turbine is the only mechanical device that can increase the output power of the engine while maintaining the same operating efficiency.

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