Aftermarket Turbo Kit Bearing Housing for Cummins Turbocharger HE551V 5352714

  • Item: Replacement Turbo Kit Bearing Housing for Cummins Turbocharger HE551V 5352714
  • Part Number: 5352714,2842411, 2843886, 3768263, 4036719, 4041076, 4043214, 4045752, 4043226, 2881993, 3768263
  • OE Number: 4089713, 4955305
  • Turbo Model: HE551V, HE500VG
  • Engine: ISX04 X2/X3, Signature ISX QSX15
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    The turbocharger bearing housing is typically iron and houses all the bearings, seals, and connects the turbine and compressor ends together. The bearing housings protect them from contaminants while keeping them in lubricant. Essentially, we provide customizable mounted bearing solutions and help maximize performance, service life, and cost-efficient maintenance of the incorporated bearing. Ensure that the maximum energy from the engine exhaust gas is available to drive the turbo and is not wasted in the bearing system.

    Our Bearing Housings' Material includes:

    Cast Iron (HT250): HT250 is the most commonly used casting material for turbocharger's bearing housing.

    Ductile Iron (QT450): available for special needs.

    Explore our wide range of high-quality turbochargers and the bearing housing designs and sizes to meet your specific needs.

    Please use the below information to determine if the part(s) in the listing fit your vehicle. The most reliable way to make sure the model of turbo is finding the part number from the nameplate of your old turbo. We are here to help you pick the right replacement turbocharger and have many options that are made to fit, guaranteed, in your equipment.

    Part No. 5352714, 2842411, 2843886, 3768263, 4036719, 4041076, 4043214, 4045752, 4043226, 2881993, 3768263
    OE No. 4089713, 4955305
    Turbo Model HE551V, HE500VG
    Engine Model ISX04 X2/X3, Signature ISX QSX15
    Application 2007-09 Cummins
    Market Type After Market
    Product condition 100% Brand New

    Why Choose Us?

    We produce Turbocharger, Cartridge and turbocharger parts, especially for trucks and other heavy duty applications.

     Each Turbocharger is built to strict OEM specifications. Manufactured with 100% new components.

     Strong R&D team provide professional support to achieve performance-matched to your engine.

     Wide range of Aftermarket Turbochargers available for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins and so on, ready to ship.

     SYUAN package or customers' package authorized.

    ● Certification: ISO9001& IATF16949

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  • What causes turbo bearings to fail?

    Most failures are caused by the three ‘turbo killers’ of oil starvation, oil contamination, and foreign object damage. More than 90% of turbocharger failures are caused oil-related either by oil starvation or oil contamination. Blocked or leaking pipes or lack of priming on fitting usually causes oil starvation

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